Friday, 21 September 2012

Must have things to make me happy....

Worshipping at the church of Apple

Today sees the, apparently, highly anticipated release of the iPhone5. As usual all the tabloid media in the UK make it their top headlining story. And it proves once again how brainwashed and manipulated they are to put happiness in things as opposed to real issues like living in a war-free world.
Ok, so it's not just a phone, but can anyone in all honesty say that in 6 months time you'll still be seduced by its slimline figure, its cool to the touch feel, and its high quality graphics and processing power? I don't think so, it will just become another item that will need to be replaced once the next iPhone comes out or when the novelty wears off.

To me it looks like worshipping an item is far more important than to use the knowledge and technology we have today to improve life for everyone on the planet. There is so much hunger, war, conflict, pain, and stress in the world and we worry about getting the latest bloody phone.
I'm not religious in any way, but having been brought up in a catholic household I do know about religion. If I were a religious man I would probably say that what's happening is that people just love to worship false idols. And many fools are seduced by it. It's not a golden calf, but I think you can see the parallel with that.

It is hard not to be tempted by things when every minute of every day you're told that you must have a 62inch flat screen tv, a tablet computer, designer clothes, etc. I used to want all the latest gadgets, but you know what? I don't care about things like that any more. I may not have a lot, but I'm rich in other areas. I have a wonderful wife, a roof over my head, a good Aikido teacher, an open spiritual awareness, and I feel completely happy with all that. When we die we can't take  things with us, but we will take our spirit and all the accumulated experiences inside of us to whatever the next world is....that is far more important than a bloody phone....

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