Monday, 17 September 2012

Revolution in the air....

Last Saturday there were massive demonstrations in Portugal against more austerity measures to be imposed on the Portuguese by the troika in Brussels.
I have been following things from a distance, but I know how hard things are for the poorest in Portugal. Many of those that are the most vulnerable are having to make decisions about whether to  pay tax or whether to eat. Members of my own family have joined the protests and that is enough indication of how bad things are. Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho's bowing down to the powers from Brussels makes me even more supportive of the protesters.

A solitary demonstrator holding a Portuguese symbol of revolution...
The Carnation Revolution (Revolução dos Cravos), also referred to as the 25 de Abril (the 25 April)
Photo by Sofia Macedo 15/9/2012

Millions of people took to streets showing a unity which I was, admittedly, surprised by. Maybe that is because I am living in a country where unity amongst the population seems to be very hard to find. People complain about the government, about lack of jobs, about education, about practically everything but I can't actually see people taking to the streets here in a show of force and defiance against the government. When there are threats of strikes politicians are very quick to say that those striking are making life harder for the "honest and hard working in society", and that legislation should be drawn up to make strikes illegal. Is that really the way a so called democracy should be governed? That makes them no better than communist North Korea!!
I have a strong feeling that Portugal, the UK, and the rest of the world are tethering on the edge of a crisis of the likes the world has never seen. The great depression of the 1920's is child's play compared to what we are facing.
The inequality in the world is reached such enormous proportions that it really is the 1% that own 99% of the world. There is corruption and deceit everywhere and it always is the weakest, the poorest, the disabled, and the unemployed that end up paying for the situations they had no part in creating. The bankers get away with murder because they are up the asses of the politicians, who have been bought by the media, and can manipulate situations in such a way that they will always end up making a profit.

The sign says: The banks you rescued now want your house.
Photo by Sofia Macedo 15/9/2012


When are people really going to wake up to what is going on? When is enough enough?

Is the time for a massive change finally coming? You tell me....are you awake enough to care?

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